Draft Documents

Performance Evaluation Advantage Ride Pilot Program

CTC Evaluation Workbook Sumter County, June 2, 2020

CTC Evaluation Workbook Lake County, June 2, 2020

Amended Sublease 2020

Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Lady lake

August 26, 2020, MPO Governing Board Minutes

MPO Bylaws Amended August 2019

2045 LRTP Summary/Adoption Report Presentation

FDOT Mobility Week 2020 Presentation

FDOT Construction Status Report October 2020

FTE Construction Report October 2020

LakeXpress Report October 2020

Roundlake Road Newsletter #1

Interlocal Agreement with Ocala/Marion TPO

Interlocal Agreement with the Ocala/Marion TPO

FDOT Mobility Week 2020 Presentation 

MPO Bylaws Revised October 2020

MPO Financial Report through August 31, 2020

MPO Bylaws Revised October 2020

Lake~Sumter MPO 2045 LRTP Summary/Adoption Report Presentation

December 9, 2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

FDOT Construction Status Report

FTE Construction Report

October 28, 2020 Governing Board Minutes

Michael Woods 2020 Employment Evaluation 

Independent Auditors Management Letter

Independent Auditors Report

Lake County Transit Report December 2020

LSMP CMP Systems Performance Monitoring Year 2020 Update

MPOAC Legislative Newsletter 01-30-2021

LSMPO TD Progress Report Second Quarter 2020-21

Lake County TDCB Meeting Minutes November 9, 2020

Lake County Transit Report

FDOT Tentative Work Program 2021/22 - 2025/26

October 14, 2020 TAC Meeting Minutes

2020 LOPP Funding Status Report

Sumter County TDCB Progress Report Second Quarter

2021 TAC Membership List

October 14, 2020 CAC Meeting Minutes

2021 CAC Membership List

FTE Construction Status Report January 2021

MPO Bylaws Amended February 24, 2021

FTE Tentative Five-Year Work Program FY 2022 through FY 2026

BUILD Grant Wekiva Trail Extension Overview

MPO Financial Report February 24, 2021

MPO Board Meeting Minutes December 9, 2020

Resolution 2021-2 Budget Amendment

Resolution 2021-1 Public Transportation Grant Agreement

Lake County Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) 

FDOT MPO Joint Certification Review 2020

Lake~Sumter MPO CMP Systems Report

Wekiva Trail 2021 BUILD Grant 

February 2021 FDOT Construction Report

FDOT TWP Lake-Sumter 2021

MPOAC Legislative Newsletter February 13, 2021

CMP Presentation 

October 28, 2020, EC Meeting Minutes

FDOT TIP Amendment Request Letter

February 10, 2021, TAC Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2021, CAC Meeting Minutes

2020 LOPP Funding

MPO Transit Report April 2021

FTE Report April 2021

FDOT Report April 2021

Round Lake Road Meeting Invite

2021 Lake County Trails Meeting

February 10, 2021, CAC Meeting Minutes

CFX 2045 MasterPlan

February 24, 2021, MPO Board Meeting Minutes

Resolution 2021-7 Amending the 2020/21 UPWP

Resolution 2021-5 Unanticipated Revenues 

Resolution 2021-6 Unanticipated Revenues

Jose Lopez Sumter County TDCB Application

MPO Office Lease Agreement


Directors Time and Expense Report

FDOT Request for TIP Changes

FTE April 2021 Report

UPWP June 2021 Amendment

Resolution 2021-12

DRAFT FDOT SIS Cost Feasible Plan

MPOAC Newsletter


Transit Report

Mobility Week

TAC Minutes

CAC Minutes

April 28, 2021, GB Minutes

Reso 2021-9 TD Grant Agreement

Reso 2021-13 Budget 

Barney Johnson Sumter TDCB

Nora Hanzez Sumter TD

DRAFT LS MPO TIP Project Pages

DRAFT LS MPO TIP FT 2021-22+2025-26 Tables

DRAFT LS MPO TIP Executive Summary & Performance Measures Report

Sumter TD Planning Grant Agreement

Lake TD Planning Grant Agreement

FDOT June 2021 Report

FDOT DRAFT SIS Cost Feasible Plan Presentation

SR 471 Community Workshop Presentation

SR 471 Community Workshop Improvements Elements Board

SR 471 Project Map

SR 471 Community Survey

LSMPO FY 2021-22 Budget

LSMPO Audit Renewal

Main St. Project Map

Main St. Complete Streets Kickoff Meeting Presentation

Lake~Sumter MPO Financial Report - Third Quarter