Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Boards (TDCB)

Planning for the transportation disadvantaged is supported with funds from the Florida State Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged. Planning funds are provided to the Lake-Sumter MPO to support the planning functions of the two Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Boards in the Lake-Sumter MPO Area. The Coordinating Boards each serve in an advisory capacity to the Lake-Sumter MPO. The primary purpose of each Coordinating Board is to assist the MPO in identifying local service needs and in providing information, advice and direction to the Community Transportation Coordinators (CTCs) in both Lake and Sumter Counties.

CTCs are responsible for the actual provision of services, either by directly operating a transit system or by contracting with another entity for the provision of services as is the case for the Lake County CTC and the Sumter County CTC. The CTCs for both Lake and Sumter counties are the boards of county commissioners. The MPO works with the CTCs on the coordination of services to be provided to the transportation disadvantaged. The MPO conducts planning activities in conjunction with the CTCs. Required planning documents are also produced or updated annually, including but not limited to the Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan.

Transportation Disadvantaged Glossary and Acronyms

Lake County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board

Sumter County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board

Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged