Lake~Sumter MPO New DRAFT 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Report


Transportation 2045 is the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) prepared by the Lake~Sumter MPO and serves as the primary guidance for developing transportation system improvements and additions in the MPO's planning area over the next 25 years.

The LRTP is a federally-required short- and long-term plan addressing multimodal transportation needs within the MPO's planning area. The plan is required to be updated every five years and must cover a 20-year horizon. Transportation 2045 is a financially constrained plan that includes projects to best meet the transportation system's identified needs within the limits of projected revenues. It is important that the LRTP accurately reflects transportation needs. It is utilized by local and state planning officials to select projects for inclusion in their capital improvement and work programs. Notably, these transportation projects' eligibility to receive federal funding depends on their inclusion in the Cost Feasible Plan.

The intent and purpose of an LRTP is to encourage and promote the safe and efficient management, operation, and development of a cost-feasible intermodal transportation system that enhances mobility and freight movement. The LRTP considers how projects could affect the resiliency and reliability of the transportation system and enhance travel and tourism in the area.

You’re invited to read and comment  in all our transportation planning activities. We’re looking for comments by November 18, 2020 and there are four ways to give us your feedback on the plans.


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Our 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan  will guide transportation investments  for the next twenty five years. Stay Connected, Stay informed.