Unified Planning Work Program 2020/21 - 2021/22 Released

The UPWP documents the transportation planning activities and associated budget for the Lake~Sumter MPO planning area. Though the document covers a two (2) year period, the UPWP is reviewed annually to refine previously identified tasks and better reflect changes in the economic climate. Prior to Board adoption, the public will be provided with the opportunity to review and comment on the draft UPWP during a twenty-one (21) day public review period. A draft is also presented to the LSMPO advisory committees for input. In addition to the public comment periods provided during each committee meeting, opportunities for public comment are also a standard part of each Board meeting prior to Board action. During this review process and following Board adoption, the UPWP is electronically published on www.LakeSumterMPO.com and is available in print, by request. Citizens unable to attend the committee or Board meetings may submit written public comments to LSMPO during the official public comment period: 1) via postal service, 2) via the Voice your Ideas form on the website www.LakeSumterMPO.com/voice.aspx or, 3) by emailing: MWoods@LakeSumterMPO.com. When significant public comments are received on a draft UPWP as a result of public involvement, a summary, analysis, and report on the disposition of comments shall be made part of the final UPWP. If the final UPWP differs significantly from the one made available for public comment or raises new material issues, an additional opportunity for public comment will be made available.

Unified Planning Work Program 2020/21 - 2021/22